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A natural anti-aging supplement that offers many advantages over HGH or Human Growth Hormone Supplements.


Longevitrol is a safe, natural anti-aging supplement whose primary ingredient is a special liquid extract of velvet antler. With a 2,000 year history, velvet antler is a natural, renewable substance that has demonstrated remarkable results with anti-aging, athletic performance and medical conditions. It offers more benefits than HGH or human growth hormone supplements.

Longevitrol contains natural Growth Factors and vital Cofactors that perform functions of cellular growth, repair and regeneration in the body. Longevitrol can help the cells in the body (muscles, nerves, skin, connective tissue, organs, etc.) toward better and longer performance of their various functions. In addition to internal systemic benefits (whole body), Longevitrol can help you perform, feel and look your best.

One of the keys to LONGEVITROL’s effectiveness is the technological development of its large molecule known as a polymer matrix. The polymer matrix allows the formula to be suspended in liquid and delivered into the body sublingually, under the tongue, where it can be quickly absorbed and used. This is superior to traditional pills and powders that must be swallowed and digested, where some of the potency is lost. This scientific breakthrough in microbiology helped us create a faster-acting, more potent supplement.

“I have been using Longevitrol in my medical practice for anti-aging, health improvement and medical conditions. I have documented more energy, better memory, more initiative, improved sex life, greater strength and stamina, improved appearance and others. Results have been dramatic and patient satisfaction is very high. I recommend Longevitrol to any adult looking to improve their health and wellness, quality of life and longevity.”

Stephen A. Center, M.D.
Medical Director, Earth’s Bounty
Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine


  • IGF-1 Fibroblast

  • IGF-2 Epithelial

  • Nerve Epidermal

  • Other GFs Transforming

“IGF-1 (is a) powerful stimulant to cellular metabolism throughout the body. IGF-1 growth factor carries out many of the beneficial actions of HGH . . . IGF-1 is the downstream player that actually exerts most of the effects we associate with HGH . . . it is 10 times more potent than growth hormone (in its anti-aging action).”

Ronald Klatz, MD
President, American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine
Author “Anti-Aging Secrets for Maximum Lifespan”

Glycosaminoglycans: Chondroitin and Glucosamine Sulfate (lubricate and build joints)
Amino Acids: structure and enzymes
Phospholipids: cell membrane integrity
Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Iron, Potassium (co-factors, structural support)
Collagen: especially Type 2 Collagen (structural matrix)
Anti-Aging Nucleotides (DNA): Hypoxanthine and Uredine
Prostaglandins: anti-inflammatory
Polyamines: DNA replication
Gangliosides: memory and learning

Longevitrol helps compensate for your body’s normal decline in growth factor levels by providing Growth Factors and Cofactors that are vital to the maintenance and operation of adult bodies. Longevitrol provides this mix of ingredients in more potent and directly usable form than available from any other single source known.


  • cosmetic
  • mental
  • athletic
  • sexual
  • systemic (whole body)

We recommend Skin Rejuvenator be used with Longevitrol at the same time for maximum results.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If under medical care, or if pregnant or nursing, consult a health professional.

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